Introduction to Segments

Segments allow you to group or otherwise classify Panelists within your Recollective site. 

Segment Usage

In addition to rapid filtering panelists in the Site Administration area, segments provide many functional benefits within a study as well:

Types of Segments

There are two types of segments in Recollective, Basic and Smart. In practice, all Segments have the same usage. The difference lies in how panelists get added to them. 

  • Basic Segments: Adding a new Basic Segment is as simple as defining a name. Panelists must be assigned to Basic Segments.
  • Smart Segments: Adding a new Smart Segment requires you to define qualifying attributes, otherwise known as criteria. Panelists will be added to Smart Segments automatically when they meet the defined criteria.

More information on Basic vs. Smart Segments can be found here. You can also configure Advanced Options for Basic and Smart Segments.

Managing Segments

To view and manage your segments, enter the Site Administration area, select the Panelists tab and then choose Segments. On the following page, you will see a list of all Smart Segments and Basic Segments on your site. 

If you no longer have a need for certain Segments, you can archive and delete Segments one at a time, or in bulk. You may also edit their Visibility. More information on managing Segments can be found here

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