Segmenting Panelists

Segments allow you to group or otherwise classify Panelists within your Recollective site. They can also be used in conjunction with custom Profile Fields.

Segment Usage

In addition to rapid filtering panelists in the Site Administration area, segments provide many functional benefits within a study as well:

Managing Segments

To view and manage your segments, enter the Site Administration area, select the Panelists tab and then choose Segments as shown below:

On the following page, you will see all segments grouped under either Smart Segments or Basic Segments.

Basic vs. Smart Segments

Basic Segments are like basic labels for a Panelist. They are either manually assigned or they get assigned during screening or Task completion.

Smart Segments are not assigned manually but rather assigned via advanced filtering rules you define. Once configured, Recollective automatically adds and removes Panelists based on those rules.

When viewing the list of Segments, a count next to each Segment will show the number of Panelists that are part of the Segment. Click the count to view the Panelists filtered by that Segment.

To edit the Segment name, simply click on it. To create a new Segment, click on the New Smart Segment or New Basic Segment links beneath each list.

Smart Segment Criteria

Configuring the filtering rules for a Smart Segment is identical to the definition of Advanced Filters within the All Panelists area and those found within the participant selection dialog accessible within Studies. You can create and update Smart Segments from those areas as well.

Advanced Segment Options

Segments can be hidden from select Studies and they can also be used to automatically add or remove a panelist from Studies. Select Advanced Options for a Basic segment or simply click into a Smart Segment to access and edit these.

Deleting Segments in Bulk

To delete multiple Segments at once, you will need to:

  • Select the Segments you would like to delete using the checkboxes to the left of each Segment name. 
  • Click the 'Delete Selected' button that appears at the bottom of the Segment list.
  • A modal will appear requiring you to type the word 'DELETE' and then select 'Delete X segments' to permanently delete them.

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