How To

Site & Study Setup

I have questions about configuring my Site and/or Study before my project starts.

15 articles

Onboarding & Panel Management

My study starts soon and I have questions about onboarding participants or Admins.

9 articles

Study Moderation

My study is live and I have questions about study moderation or troubleshooting.

10 articles

Data Analysis & Data Exporting

My study has ended and I have questions about analyzing and exporting response data.

6 articles

Live Video Activities

I have questions about or need troubleshooting tips for live video activities.

7 articles



All you need to know about Recollective system requirements and requesting support.

8 articles

Account Basics

Managing your user account, email notification preferences, and timezone.

7 articles

Site Administration

Learn about site wide settings and administrator accounts

25 articles

Managing Panelists

Adding panelists, creating custom profile field information, and custom segmentation

22 articles

Study Setup

Adding and configuring settings with a specific Study

21 articles

Activities & Tasks

Activity types, setup guides, and general Task settings

25 articles

Live Video Interviews (1:1)

How to setup and use Recollective's Live Video Interviews Activity

19 articles

Live Group Chat with Video

How to setup and use Recollective's Live Group Chat with Video

13 articles

Task Type Guide

Setup guides for all Task types

11 articles


Configuring the Discussions forum, adding topics, and creating categories

8 articles


Configuring forums to engage in discussions outside of studies.

2 articles

Managing Participants

Adding, inviting, and auditing participants in a Study

16 articles

Screening Participants

How to screen participants in Recollective

7 articles

Study Moderation

Learn about Recollective's tool for efficient Study moderation

23 articles

Recollective AI

Uncover meaningful patterns, themes and insights through AI-powered technology

6 articles

Managing Points

How to configure and customize Points for study gamification

4 articles

Private Messages

Sending, receiving and reviewing private messages within a Study

6 articles

Reports & Analysis

Understand Recollective's live reporting and analysis tools

14 articles

Transcripts & Media Exports

Exporting all Study response data and media

11 articles


Running Studies in multiple languages and locations

11 articles

Troubleshooting Tips

Helping participants with technical support and troubleshooting tips

11 articles


Learn how to configure external identity providers like Okta and Google

4 articles