Charts Overview

Charts Overview

Tasks with responses that can be charted will appear in the Charts summary. The task responses that will be charted are as follows:

Use the Details button to see a larger version of the chart alongside its table data or use the Export menu to bulk export all chart summary data in a single file.

Each chart and table displayed can be exported from their detailed page. The toggle that appears will give you access to four output formats for the chart that you're about to save - JPEG and PNG are your standard image formats that are suitable for most scenarios but SVG and PDF vector formats are also available. The response data can also be exported in bulk via the Transcripts menu that is accessible through the Study Admin area.

You can even make use of Segments and Filters to produce chart outputs reflective of your different participant groups for comparative analysis and reporting efforts. Depending on the Task type, different charts will be displayed allowing you to get the most out of that specific Task's data.

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