Introduction to Task Types

A Study is made up of Activities that are like small surveys and Tasks are akin to questions in those surveys. Just as there are different question types on a survey, Recollective offers different Task Types for your Activities.

Task types vary primarily by the format of the response required from participants. All tasks include a text description for the question / instructions and optional attachments (photos, videos and files) as stimulus.

Tasks can range from a single question to detailed instructions outlining an in-store visit to be documented with video. Participants can be asked to download a file, view a photo or play a video before responding.

A single Activity can have up to 50 tasks in sequence. You can also group and randomize Tasks in an Activity, which can be useful for rotating concepts and removing order bias.

We recommend breaking up tasks across multiple activities as response rates will improve as chances of fatigue are decreased. It also gives participants a better chance to review and react to what others have contributed in socialized studies.

Available Task Types

Below is a quick overview of the available Task types, each linking to a more detailed self-help article:

  • Text: Open-ended text responses with optional word limits, formatting and inline images - this is a shortcut to the Multimedia Task type with the text response type enabled
  • Fill the Blanks: Create a form or template response. This Task can be used to collect text and photos. It also supports standard rating scales and allocation-style scale questions.
  • Photos: Collect photos and images with optional captions and additional commentary - this is a shortcut to the Multimedia Task type with the photo response type enabled
  • Videos: Collect participant recorded video along with additional text-based commentary - this is a shortcut to the Multimedia Task type with the video response type enabled
  • Screen Recording: Have participants record their screen while capturing audio-commentary - this is a shortcut to the Multimedia Task type with the screen recording response type enabled
  • Multimedia: Open-ended text response with multiple photos, videos or files (ideal for blog style journals)
  • Poll: Provide a preset list of options (multiple selections can be permitted)
  • Image Review: Allow participants to mark-up and annotate precise locations of interest on any image you provide
  • Video Review: Collect feedback on a video with categorized comments made during playback
  • Prompt: Display messages, integrate external URLs, connect discussions or alter Task navigation
  • Sort & Rank: Display labeled cards to be placed into named groups and then ranked via drag-and-drop
  • Grid: Define a matrix of rows and columns for rapid evaluation of many items at once
  • Files: Receive an uploaded file of any type (Task instructions can include a template file) - this is a shortcut to the Multimedia Task type with the file response type enabled
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