Task Type: Poll

Poll is a Task Type that present the participant with a list of predefined options from which they are asked to select one (single choice) or more (multiple choice) responses. Poll Tasks can be used to:

  • Collect quantitative data that will be graphed and tabled in the Charts section of your response summaries
  • Add or remove participants from corresponding Segments based on response selection (so you can have future Tasks, Activities or Discussion Topics limited to select Segments)
  • Introduce Destination logic within your Activity / Study based on single-choice response selection (e.g. send people to a corresponding Discussion Topic) 

Despite the complexity of this Task type, Recollective automatically adapts the exercise to fit on all screen sizes.

Poll Choice Setup

Your Poll Choice Labels can be added individually or you can paste them in bulk. The choices can be as simple as plain text options, but clicking on Show formatting options gives you access to the text editor so you can format or even include images or videos in your choices. 

Poll Tasks featuring embedded media can be used in a number of different scenarios:

  • Displaying TV ads for participants to select the one they enjoyed most
  • After a series of Image Reviews, displaying the images presented within the Image Reviews and prompting participants to select the one they liked best
  • Displaying a series of logos for participants to select all of the ones that they recognize
When including media items as Poll choices, you must still add some text description as well. This ensures participant responses are clearly represented in areas where the media item in the choice cannot be included (e.g. in the Summary / Stream overviews).

When a Poll is set to be Multiple Choice, an additional Exclusive choice option is presented. When a choice deemed to be exclusive is selected by a participant, any other poll choices are automatically deselected.

The Choice Data Value part of each Poll choice is essentially the back-end label and will appear in charts and exports. This value is limited to 25 characters and is a plain text field, so the best practice for longer polling options / choices is to use a shorter descriptor label here. This value can also be used to input codes that might pertain to analysis (e.g. a list of randomized product features that each have a relevant numeric code for analysis).

When initially building out your Poll choices, the Choice Data Value will mirror the Choice Label, so make sure to edit this value if you make any revisions to your choices after the initial setup. If the data value is different from the label, it will be displayed on the poll choice (as shown below):

Additional Customization Options

To avoid response bias, you can choose the Randomize presentation of choices option. If your Poll is a Required Task, a minimum of one choice must be selected in order to proceed. Custom selection requirements can also be specified using the Limit number of choices option (e.g. 1 to 3). When applicable, additional built-in choices can be enabled such as:
  • Other, please specify (you can customize the label and enforce a word count if desired)
  • All of the above (this option is only presented if using a multiple choice type and you can customize the label if desired)
  • None of the above (you can customize the label if desired)

Advanced Options

Each Poll choice also has an Advanced Options menu to enable additional actions when that Poll choice is selected. For example, you can add and / or remove the participant from one or more Segments.

If you wish to Segment participants based on a selection such as 'None of these choices', you can do so by adding a new Poll Choice and deeming it an Exclusive Choice instead of using the default None of the Above option.

For single-choice Polls, you can also set a Destination for each choice. With this option you can have people go to:

  • The Next Task, Previous Task or Jump to a Task in the same Activity sequence
  • The Activity Response Stream
  • Another Activity or to a specific Discussion Topic in the Study
  • The Home page, Summary Tab, Activity Tab or Discussions Tab
  • A URL (either in a new tab or the current tab) which directs participants outside the Study (e.g. to an external website or survey)
When redirecting a participant outside of the current Activity, enable the Complete Activity (skip remaining) checkbox option if you do not expect the participant to return to the Activity later. This ensures the current Activity response will be deemed complete.

If using either of these options, the relevant icons will be displayed on the setup page (similar to the choice-data values):

For more information on how you can leverage the Poll Task type within your research, make sure to check out our Spotlight: Poll Task blog article!
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