Task Type: Image Review

Image Review is a Task Type that presents the participant with an image to be evaluated on a scale and / or marked-up using markers that are placed directly on the image.

Any number of markers can be defined for each Image Review (e.g. Like and Dislike). Annotations per marker can be enabled and enforced along with minimum / maximum usage of each marker type and customized prompting verbiage (e.g. What about this appeals to you?).

If the Task is Required, a rating must be provided or a single marker must be placed on the image in order to proceed. Custom limits can also been specified.

Though there are many different use cases, Image Review is commonly used for evaluating concepts, advertisements and website designs. If you have a perceptual mapping exercise, just upload a photo of the axes for items to be plotted against and define the items as your markers. Even text-based content can be evaluated with this Task type - simply export the your slide as an image or take a screenshot for upload!

Image File & Size Recommendation

High resolution .jpg and .png images can be provided for review. Participants will be able to zoom into the image to read small text and to precisely position their markers. 

We recommend that the image uploaded for review be at least 880 pixels wide but a width of 1760 pixels is ideal. Do not use images larger than 2 MB as they will be very slow to load for the participants. Very tall images (like website screenshots) are supported, but please carefully review the file size before uploading.

Scale Rating

Before the Image Review markers appear, you can ask participants to provide an Overall Rating of the image shown. You can disable this step if it's not applicable to your use case.

The rating scale can be customized to suit your needs (scale size, scale labels, rating instructions, etc.).

Marker Customization

Two markers are enabled by default ( Like and Dislike). You can remove those defaults and add as many markers as you like.

By default, each marker placed will prompt participants to explain themselves. Collecting these annotations on markers is optional. The question asked can be customized and made required (with or without word limits).

You can also limit how many markers can be used during a review by setting a total limit (minimum and / or maximum) using the Enforce total marker limits control that appears below your markers. It's also possible to set limits for each defined maker on its customization menu.

We recommend using short names for the Image Review marker labels wherever possible for maximum usability
For more information on how you can leverage the Image Review Task type in your research, make sure to check out our Spotlight: Image Review Task blog article!
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