Task Type: Video Review

Video Review is a Task Type that presents the participant with a video for evaluation and feedback. Participants will be asked to select a marker to categorize their time-coded comments. You can upload a video, screen recording or record from your webcam (video uploads should be filetypes such as .mp4, .mov, .avi).

Marker Customization

Any number of markers can be defined for each Video Review (e.g. Love, Like, Dislike, etc.). Comments on each marker are required with optional minimum and maximum word counts.

If the Task is Required, a single marker with a comment must be provided in order to proceed. Custom limits can also been specified per marker and overall using the Enforce marker limits and Enforce total marker limits controls.

Comment Customization

In the Comments section of the Task setup page, you'll be able to customize the marker prompting verbiage and enforce a word count if needed. From this same section you'll also be able to Capture additional commentary from participants or pose a related question to the video that maybe wasn't dealt with explicitly in the mark-up portion.

For more information on how you can leverage the Video Review Task type within your research, make sure to check out our Spotlight: Video Review Task blog article!
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