Analyzing Video Review Charts

The Video Review Task type will produce accompanying charts and tables that are made accessible via the Charts summary overview. Like all Task charting outputs in Recollective, you can filter your results by Segment group or select Participants using the controls in the top right of your page.    

Video Timeline 

The first output presented for a Video Review Task is a marked-up video timeline as shown below. Hovering your cursor over any of the markers will display the associated comment.

The handles displayed at the beginning and end of your video timeline can be adjusted to focus in on a select part of the video for a more detailed review. Once the timeline has been adjusted, all resulting chart and table outputs will update to only show the data within the selected portion of the video.

Marker Distribution Chart

The Marker Distribution chart is a bubble chart (similar to a scatter plot) that displays a line per marker across your video's timeline and then has bubbles representing the marker placements. A larger bubble indicates a larger concentration or cluster of that marker type at that specific time in the video.

With this chart you can easily identify sections of your video that generate consensus and controversy in terms marker placement and can even export the visual to be used in your report.

Marker Frequency Chart and Table

This Task type will also produce a Marker Frequency chart breaking down the percentages of used markers within the selected video timeline as shown below.

The default will be a pie chart but you can switch to a bar chart if preferred using the control found towards the upper right (just below the timeline). 

You'll also have a Marker Frequency table at your disposal breaking down the same information as the chart. You can use the checkboxes to select choices that can be hidden, have the colour edited (the default colors will be the ones chosen in Study Settings: Appearance) or even be grouped together to create many exports from a single Task. Use the handle icons to change the order of the choices and the pencil icon to edit the choice labels as desired.

You can use the Save Changes button to commit any of your chart customizations as the default for others. The table data can also be exported using the dedicated option. 

Response Data Tables

Towards the bottom of a Video Review Task's charting page, you'll find a  Response Data section and Markers table. This table shows each marker's placement as an individual row and indicates the participant who placed it, the marker used, its associated comment, and the point in the video's timeline where the marker was placed.

The data from this table can be exported to CSV using the dedicated option towards the top right. The export will also include more information that will be pertinent for analysis (e.g. participant metadata). 

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