Study Settings: Appearance

The Appearance section of Study Settings allows you to adjust the branding of a Study. Since each Study is unique from one another, this includes the ability to adjust the Study name, URL slug, color theme, chart colors and Study logo.

These controls are all point-and-click and can be safely changed without affecting other Studies in your Recollective site.

Study Name

Here you can choose a name for your Study space, separate from the Site’s name. By default, the Study Name will be visible to participants, but can be hidden from the site's header using the Hide study name in header checkbox. Note that changing the Study Name will not automatically change the Study Address (URL), so it is always good practice to review both settings. 

Study Address

The study address is the tail-end of your study’s URL. The default Study Address will match the Study name when the Study is first created. Standard formatting rules for URL’s apply (i.e. no spaces). 

Once participants have been sent email invitations to a study, we strongly advise that you do not change the Study URL. This will cause confusion for participants as they may navigate to an incorrect or dead weblink. If you do need to change the study URL, you must re-issue invitation emails so that participants will be directed to the correct Study.

You cannot change the site address from the Study Admin menu. If you need to change your site’s address, please contact Recollective for support

External Study ID

While the Study Name will be visible to participants, the External Study ID is an optional identifier that only administrators will see. The External Study ID can be used to associate the Study with an internal project name or #, or for the disambiguation of Studies with similar names, generic names, or names in another language. 

Color Theme & Chart Colors 

You can uniquely customize each Study on your Recollective site to achieve the ideal look for your end-client or community feel. Editing the color theme allows you to select and modify the colours of the main Study interface and form accent buttons.

Similarly, you can adjust the color theme for your charts, keeping your Study branding consistent if you choose to export Chart images to add to a final presentation. You can add or remove chart colors as desired, or edit colours by clicking on the colour circle. Utilize the sliding toggles or input a HEX code to get the exact custom color you are looking for. 

Study Logo

Finally, you have the option to add a Study Logo to each Study on your site. The Study logo appears on the Study card to help identify the Study for Admins and/or participants who are assigned to multiple Studies on the site. 

The Site Logo is a site-wide attribute which can be edited from Site Administration > Settings > Site Appearance

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