Adding and Managing Studies

When you login to a Recollective site as an Analyst, the first page you see is the Dashboard. The Dashboard will display all the studies in the site filtered by Study State. If you have any active Studies, it will start by showing only those OPEN Studies, otherwise it will start by showing you a list of DRAFT Studies. 

Click on the study state filter menu to view studies in each of the other states, or to view all studies.

Adding a Study

On the Dashboard you will find an Add Study button. Press the button and choose a name for your Study to get started. The Study will start in a DRAFT state so you can prepare things before you change it to OPEN. Once created, you'll be asked if you want to use the Study Setup Guide. If this is your first visit to a Study, you will also be offered a tour of the interface.

Once in the Study, you'll be able to build out your Home page cards, Activities, and Discussions content. Don't forget to review all the Study Settings before you invite participants to join.

Changing the Study State

Studies can be in one of four states: DRAFT, OPEN, CLOSED and ARCHIVED ( learn more about Study States). To change the state of a Study from the Dashboard, click the state on the Study card (Open studies will appear as a green dot) and select the desired state from the drop down menu. From within a Study, click on the state next to the study name and again, select the desired state from the drop down menu. You can also change the state from the Admin menu in the Study Settings section.

Deleting a Study

You can permanently delete a Study and all its data via the Study card menu, which is available by selecting the arrow in the top-right of the study card.

We strongly recommend you ARCHIVE a Study instead of deleting it. If it contains any data at all, you may want to refer to in the future and there's no cost to hold onto it. The Delete Study option only exists to purge duplicate and test Studies.

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