Copying a Study

If you have an existing Study, you may wish to copy it as a backup or to use it as a template for your next Study. To copy a Study, select the menu control on the top-right of the Study card you want to copy and select Copy Study.

Note: You must be an Analyst to copy a study.

You will be shown a dialog box with options that let you decide which elements of the Study you wish to carry over to the copy. If you require a Full Copy, including participants and their response data, you must contact Recollective. From this menu, you will also be able to set a new start date for the first Activity of the copy-study. All subsequent Activity start dates will adjust accordingly. 

Once you have selected which elements of the study you would like copied over, select Copy

From here, you will be presented with a new dialogue box with settings pertaining to the Study copy:

  • Study Name: The Study Name is used to identify the Study on the Dashboard as well as in the Study Card search menu. The Study Name will be visible to participants and is included in the default email invite verbiage to identify the study. The Study Name can be edited later in the study’s Admin Menu under Study Settings > Appearance
  • External Study ID (optional): An External ID is an optional identifier that only Administrators can see. The inclusion of this ID allows for easier identification of Studies with similar or generic names, or names in other languages. This can also be edited later in the study’s Admin Menu under Study Settings > Appearance
  • Customize language: Selecting a new language will update the default language for the platform interface within the copied Study; this will not change the programmed verbiage. If a desired language is missing from the dropdown list, you can enable it via the Site Administration area under Basic Settings.
  • Customize time zone: Use this option to determine the default time zone for the study. Any copied Activities and Discussion topics will inherit this time zone.

Click Add Study to complete the copy process.

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