Adding Panelists

Panelists can be added to your site directly in the Site Administration area or (or from the Study they will be a participant in).

From Site Administration

From the Panelist tab in Site Administration area, you can...

  • Select the New Panelist button to register a single Panelist (this can also be done from the All Panelists page)
  • Select Bulk Import to prepare and upload multiple Panelists via an Excel spreadsheet
No emails are sent to Panelists that are added in the Site Administration area. Once you choose to add them to a Study, you must enter the Study and compose an email invitation to participants deemed Added but not yet invited.

From a Study

Select the participant count in the page header while in a study to reveal a Participant Directory drop down. Press the green Add button to view page outlining a variety of participant onboarding options.

  • Import Participant List: Allows you to Bulk Import many participants along with any Segment or Profile Field data in one step by uploading an Excel file (you can then send / track personalized email invites)
  • Send Email Invitations: Allows you to send and track email invitations (simply copy and paste the email addresses into the accompanying field from the Compose Message page)
  • Share Invitation Link: Allows you to send or share a static link that enables Study registration (copy and share the URL via email, your website or on social media)
Please note that if you already have participant email addresses and any additional information from a recruitment stage (e.g. name, Segments, Profile Fields etc.) and / or would like to control account credentials (e.g. username and password), you'll want to use the Bulk Import option.

This option allows you to have all your information in the system, create more personalized messages by making use of dynamic values, and allows you to mitigate email delivery issues (as you can provide participants the site URL alongside their initial username and password).

Other Options

If you'd like to integrate with Recollective via Single Sign-On, please review available integrations or contact us if you are seeking integration with survey platforms or panel providers.

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