Introduction to Panelists

Panelists are account holders in a Recollective site that are not administrators. Each Panelist can be a part of one or more Studies. A Panelist that is in a Study is deemed a participant of that Study. As such, every participant is also a Panelist but not every Panelist is a participant.

To find or add Panelists, enter the Site Administration area and select the Panelists tab.
Six sub-sections will appear within the the tab:
  • Search Panelists: Find and manage all Panelists on your site and access their individual Panelist Profiles.
  • Segments: Create and manage all Basic Segments and Smart Segments.
  • Profile Fields: Manage all Custom Profile Fields and where they will appear to Panelists.
  • Bulk Import: Upload Panelist information to your site (e.g. Email Addresses, Segments, Profile Fields).
  • Bulk Export: Export all Panelist information in bulk.
  • Add Panelist: Manually add new Panelists. 
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