Finding Panelists

From the Panelists tab in Site Administration, you can access the Search Panelists area which houses all the different Panelist accounts that are on the site and displays them in table fashion. 

Clicking into a given Panelist's account will allow you to see their: 

  • Account information (name, email, Segments, etc.)
  • Agreements that were accepted (along with the acceptance date)
  • Profile Fields that have data (either captured through screening or uploaded via Bulk Import)
  • Studies the Panelist is assigned to
  • Visitation and email histories

Using the Basic Filters, you can filter on a given individual, Study, or Segment. You can also make use of the Advanced Filters option to set up more advanced criteria for selection.

Basic Filters

Use the Basic Filters to find Panelists based on Segment assignment or specific account information such as name, email or ID number. It will start by listing all Panelists that have recently logged in. You can click a column header to re-sort the list.

Use the three inputs above the results to apply some quick filters

  • Enter a keyword to search for a name, ID, external ID, username or email address
  • Filter on a specific Study or find people in any Study (once selected, you can filter by status)
  • Filter on a specific Segment or find people in any Segment (once selected, you can filter people assigned or not assigned)

If you've deactivated a panelist and wish to re-activate them, select the Only deactivated panelists checkbox to locate those deactivated accounts. Once found, edit the Panelist record to reset the status to Active again.

Advanced Filters

Advanced filters allow you to find accounts with many advanced criteria. You can search on built-in fields and custom profiling fields.

Searches constructed in Advanced Filters can be saved as Smart Segments to save time in the future. You can even select an existing Smart Segment as a starting point for new searches.

Bulk Actions

Multiple Panelists can be selected to apply a bulk action. While filtering on a Study or Segment, accompanying bulk actions will be made available (e.g. add to Study or remove from Study).

To deactivate Panelist accounts in bulk, select Deactivate in the Bulk Action menu and the selected participants will be removed from their assigned Studies and will no longer be permitted to enter the site.

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