Screening: Quota Limits

Quota Limits are an advanced option that allow you to control who is permitted to join your Study, you can:

  • Set a limit on the total number of participants permitted to join the Study (i.e. active participants)
  • Limit the number of participants in a specific Segment or combination of Segments

To access Quota Limits, select Participant Screening from the Admin menu on the main navigation bar and click on the Quota Limits tab as shown below:

Setting a Total Limit of Participants

If you wish to enforce a cap on the number of active participants in your Study, select Limit number of active participants and enter the desired limit in the input field provided. Once that limit is reached, even qualified applicants will be rejected. You can re-invite rejected applicants to the Study in the future.

A Study cannot exceed the site's overall limit of participants which is based on ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS across ALL OPEN STUDIES. Please visit the Subscription section of the Site Administration area to review the limit of active participants. If you need more capacity, please contact us.

Manually Approving Applicants

When screening participants, you have the option of manually reviewing all qualified participants before they enter the Study. If enabled, qualified applicants are given a Qualified but Pending state. To enable this feature, select Manually approve all qualified applicants. Learn more about reviewing screened applicants.

Segment Quotas

Panelists can be assigned to Segments in various ways. While using a Bulk Import is the most popular option, it can also be done using screening questions.

Recollective allows one or more Segments to be combined and assigned a limit to control the inflow of new registrants. This is an important feature when the balance of Segments is required to ensure a proper distribution of participants in a Study (e.g. "Student" AND "Male" can be limited to 25% of a target Study population).

Limits are defined as a percentage value relative to the expected total number of participants in the Study. A percentage can be set for a single Segment or a combined set of Segments (e.g. equal gender split across multiple regions). 

Once a Segment quota has been met, even qualified applicants will be rejected automatically. You can re-invite rejected applicants to the Study if you find out later that you need more people to join the Study.

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