Screening: Reviewing Screened Applicants

Once screening questions have been configured and applicants begin to answer them, you can review and manage all the applicants and their response data.

Accessing Screened Applicants

Select the Screened tab while browsing the Participant Directory. Alternatively, select Manage Applicants while reviewing the screening questions defined for the Study. This listing provides many filtering and sorting controls:

  • Search by name, email, username or ID
  • Filter by Segment, screening status or question
  • Sort by table column (i.e. Applicant, Status, Screened and Segments)

Viewing and Exporting Responses

Click into the screening Status or the Screened date value from the table to open a dialog box with details about the applicant's response(s).

To export and review all responses at once, select Export as CSV at the bottom of the page.

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