Summaries and Overviews

Every Activity and Discussion Topic has its own respective response or reply overview. Once a Study begins however, you may need to jump from different Activities, Tasks and Discussion Topics as certain responses / replies may touch on things brought up elsewhere in the Study. Additionally, having a single space for keeping track of what is new and what has been reviewed can be very useful during moderation. 

Select the Summary tab to gain a complete overview of your Study response and reply content. Various types of overviews are provided based on the participant contributions received. Some of the overviews will remain hidden until there is content to be summarized but the possible overview tabs are:

Summary Filtering

Along the top of the Summary tab you will see the default filter set to All in the top. You can choose to focus your summarized content by selecting from the filter and choosing Activities or Discussions.

Once a focused area is chosen, additional sub-filters will be provided. You can filter down to a single Task or Discussion Topic. For a Fill the Blanks Task, you can even filter down to a specific response blank as shown below:

In the top-right corner of the Summary tab, there are two participant filters. You can filter on a single Segment (both Smart and Basic) with the Segments filter option. 

You can also perform advanced filtering such as hand-picking participants, combining Segments, or creating custom criteria from profile fields with the  Filters option. 

Based on your chosen overview tab, and with each filter you add, a new slug is added to the URL. You can then copy the URL from your browser to send to a colleague or client so they are taken to the Summary page with all the same filters in place and on the relevant overview tab (e.g. sharing a Chart from the third Task in the second Activity but filtered on the female Segment).

Expand All

Longer text posts start collapsed to save space but can be expanded to see them in full. You can expand each post separately by clicking on the three dots icon, or, use the Expand All control to expand all collapsed responses. 

Excerpt Mode

All text submitted by participants can be highlighted and saved as  Excerpts. Those saved excerpts can be coded (or tagged) to organize the related snippets for later review. We refer to this process as saving and coding verbatim excerpts. Admins can enter "Excerpt Mode" at any time from the summary tab via the toggle labeled Excerpt Mode.

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