Videos Overview

The Videos summary brings together every video and audio recording submitted by participants and puts them onto one page for rapid review. 

Select any video or audio response to play it back with an interactive transcript. You will also learn more about the media's contributor and its original context. 

Video and audio recordings can be exported from this summary in addition to the Transcripts area which also offers a bulk video export capability.

Transcript Editing and Excerpting

The text transcript that is automatically generated for a video or audio submission is also editable. To interact with a specific submission's transcript, click the View Response option to be taken directly to the associated response page. 

The transcript's language will be displayed and can be edited to have it transcript re-done if the wrong language was chosen originally.

You can also double-click any word in the transcript to edit and then save it. To allow you to both watch the media content but also perform necessary edits, your video or audio recording will detach and follow you as you review the parts of the transcript that appear further down the response page, as shown below:

Just like any text-based response, you can use the excerpting tool to save a verbatim from the transcript. Since the excerpt is tied to a video or audio response, there will be a resulting clip produced. Video and audio clips can also be organized into Video Playlists for seamless in-app playback or to create a highlight reel of great quotes that demonstrate your key insights.

These video and audio clips are made available to you in the Excerpts Report which can be accessed in the Study's Admin menu.

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