Introduction to Video Playlists

A Video Playlist is a selection of excerpted video or audio clips placed in a specific order. Group video clips for seamless in-app playback, or create a highlight reel with each clip identified by a custom text overlay to demonstrate your key insights. 

Accessing Video Playlists

Access Video Playlist controls from the main Admin menu or the Reports section within a study. A summary of all playlists is shown first. 

Click on a playlist to watch or edit it. An interactive playback bar is available below the playlist preview video. It highlights the duration of each clip, simplifies clip selection, and allows skipping within a clip. You can even drag and drop the entire clip section to reposition it in the playlist. 

You can also reorder clips using drag and drop within the Video Clips list below the video preview. To edit a specific video or audio clip (e.g. change its duration), click the Edit option underneath the specific video clip.

Creating a Video Playlist

Create video playlists from the Video Playlists page, or, while saving excerpts in video or audio transcripts. When you click Add Playlist, a modal will appear where you must enter a Name. You can also add an optional Description, and choose who the playlist will be visible to: Analysts, Moderators and Clients or Only Analysts and Moderators. Video Playlists are not visible to participants.

Tip: The Name, Description, and Visibility can be edited at any point.

Creating Video Clips

To create a video clip or audio clip, simply highlight the desired text in the associated transcript and click Save Excerpt.

A menu will open on the left side of the screen where you can code the excerpt and/or add it to a Video Playlist.

Clicking on the Add to Playlists dropdown menu will reveal additional options:

  • New: Click New to create a new Video Playlist
  • Manage: Quick access to the Video Playlists area in the study where you can add or delete playlists
  • Playlists selection: Select one or more existing Playlists to add the clip to
Note: Playlists will only appear for selection if you have saved a Playlist previously. If there are no existing Playlists to choose from, you can create a new Video Playlist from the menu.

Clicking directly on the video or audio clip will open it in a modal with further editing controls. You can watch the clip and use the slider bar to adjust the length. You can also add the clip to a video playlist from this modal.

Whether you have created a Video Playlist or not, you can access all of your video and audio clips at any time via the Excerpts Report.

Note: Video playlists can support individual video or audio clips up to 10 minutes in length. Clips longer than 10 minutes can be created using the Excerpt functionality but cannot be added to a playlist.

Exporting Video Playlists

Video playlists can be exported in two ways:

  • Single Video File (MP4): clips will be stitched together with smooth fade-in and fade-out transitions and optional text overlays, downloaded as a single .mp4 file
  • Multiple Video Files (ZIP): each clip will be downloaded as a separate .mp4 file

Exports may take a few minutes to generate. Once complete, you will be notified that the file is ready to download.

Single Video File Export (Highlight Reel)

If you select Single Video File, the Export Playlist modal will open with customization options. Identify each clip with a text overlay is enabled by default. You can disable this toggle if you do not wish to include identifying text overlays on clips.

Custom Text Overlay Settings

The default text overlay settings are:

  • Line 1: First name Last Initial
  • Line 2: Playlist Name (Clip # of Clips Total)

Both lines can be customized as desired. Use Dynamic Values to include unique variables such as each participant's name, or to highlight the source activity of the video or audio clip, or the original date of the response. A selection of common Dynamic Values are listed for easy access. Simply click on a value while editing a Line to include it.

You can even include custom fields as Dynamic Values in either line using the following format: {p:fieldname}


  • {p:Gender}
  • {p:consumer type}
  • {p:age}

Once defined, the text overlays template is saved for future exports. You can restore the default template at any point by clicking on Use Default Template.

Click Save and Export to generate the Video Playlist file export, or click Save Settings to save the form as a template without generating an export.

Completed Exports

Once the export is initiated, an animated progress bar will appear on the page so you can track its progress. You will be notified when the file is ready to download. 

All previous exports remain listed and available for download so your entire team will have easy access to the video files without having to regenerate them. Any unwanted exports can easily be removed by hovering over and clicking the X.

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