Custom Panelist Profiling

Recollective allows you to collect an unlimited number of additional properties for every Panelist in your site. These properties are referred to as Profile Fields and they are configured in the Site Administration area (or in a select Study making the resulting field part of the Study's participant screening).

Visit the Panelist tab and then select Panelist Profiling as shown below:

Profile Fields are like questions but they're not the same as the one's you might ask in an Activity - the fields are like an extension of the person's account.

Types of Profile Fields

Custom Profile Fields are typically demographic characteristics but they can be any property that helps you profile your Panelists. Various types of fields are supported:

  • Poll (single or multiple-choice)
  • Plain Text
  • Formatted Text
  • Number
  • Date
  • Timestamp (date and time)
  • Video

Profile Fields are like questions but they're not the same as the one's you might ask in an Activity - the fields are like an extension of the person's account.

Screening Questions vs. Profile Fields

The screening questions you can ask before people join a Study are actually Profile Fields. They are simply fields deemed to be In Study

Please note that from a Study space, only Analysts and the relevant Moderators will be able to see the custom fields and data tied to the Study participants (they are not visible to Clients).

Screening questions are only one application of Profile Fields as you can also add them to the Registration Form (i.e. where they register their account and set their password) which comprises all Studies, and / or allow them to be edited from a participant's Account Settings page. 

It is also possible to upload profile metadata via Bulk Import and keep the data purely for internal use. These fields are categorized as Hidden when browsing the Panelist Profiling fields. 

If a Profile Field is housing data that constitutes personally identifiable information (PII) - this is any data that could potentially identify a specific individual - there is a checkbox option to identify the field as such.

By selecting the May contain personal identifiable information (PII) option, the system will include this field as part of the personal data removal when actioned

It's important to note that profile fields are included within certain transcripts and exports. You should only provide your Clients with permission to generate transcripts and exports if you are okay with them having access to this information.