Smart Segment Criteria

There are two types of Segments in Recollective

  • Basic Segments are either manually assigned, assigned via Bulk Import, or they get assigned during screening or Task completion.
  • Smart Segments are not assigned manually but rather assigned automatically via filtering rules you define. Once configured, Recollective automatically adds and removes Panelists based on those rules.

Configuring the filtering rules for a Smart Segment is identical to the definition of Advanced Filters within the All Panelists area and those found within the participant selection dialog accessible within Studies. 

You can create and update Smart Segments from those areas as well.

To add a New Smart Segment

  1. Define a Segment Name. We recommend using the format ‘Category - Variable’ so like variables are grouped together as the platform lists them alphabetically. (i.e. State Region: Midwest, State Region: South, etc.)
  2. Select an attribute. The attribute is the criteria that a panelist must meet in order to be assigned to the Smart Segment. You can choose from Standard and Custom Profile Fields, as well as other predefined profile information such as Date Added, Agreement Date, Assigned Studies, and many more.
  3. Determine whether panelists should have to Match all criteria or Match any criteria to be assigned to the Smart Segment

In the Example below, "Which of the following US states do you live in?" is a Custom Profile Field. It is a Poll Field, meaning it has an existing, finite set of data values which can be used as criteria for this Smart Segment.

Any Panelist whose Profile Field value for "Which of the following US states do you live in?" matches one of the 12 selected choices will be added to this Smart Segment.

Before saving, you can use the "Test Filter" option to see which panelists will be assigned to the Segment based on the selected criteria.


  • I want to create a Smart Segment, but the custom tab says that there are no fields to choose from. How do I add criteria?
  • To create Smart Segments using custom criteria, you must first add Custom Profile Fields. Click here to learn more about creating Profile Fields.

  • What kind of information can be used as Smart Segment criteria?
  • Smart Segments can be built using any Custom Profile Fields you have already created. You can also choose from a variety of Standard attributes that are pre-populated by Recollective.

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