Adding Screening Questions

To add screening questions, simply select the Admin button on the main in-Study navigation bar and then select Participant Screening

Adding a Screening Question

On the page that appears you will see an Add Question button. You can make use of the following question field types: 

  • Poll
  • Plain Text
  • Formatted Text
  • Number
  • Date
  • Timestamp
  • Video
  • Prompt

Once you select Add Question, you can use the filter text box that appears to search through the list of available screening questions and profile fields:

Screening Questions vs. Profile Fields

Screening questions are actually Panelist Profile Fields used to qualify and Segment people for participation in a particular Study. You can add an existing profile field from the site or create new ones. This means you can share screening questions across Studies and avoid re-asking people the same question twice, as all data will be stored centrally against their Panelist account.

The closed-ended Poll questions can:

  • Be single or multiple choice
  • Choices can be added individually or pasted in bulk
  • Display choices in a preset or a randomized order
  • Contain choices that trigger qualification or disqualification
  • Contain choices that trigger Segment assignment

If a screening question only applies to a segment of your participants, you can select the option to "Limit who can complete this field". Note that participants will need to be assigned to the relevant segment ahead of time either via bulk import, or, via a previous screening question with choices configured to add participants to segments. If in-screener segment logic is being used, previewing the screener multiple times is recommende d to test the logic.

Linking to External Surveys

The Prompt field type can be utilized during screening to direct participants to an external survey, or any other URL (i.e. even another study). Similar to a Prompt Task, the Prompt field can be configured such that a “Complete” status is earned just by pressing the button, or, it can require the end user be redirected to the SuccessURL. The message seen after following the SuccessURL can be customized.

More information on linking to external surveys can be found here.

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