Adding Screening Questions

To add screening questions, simply select the Admin button on the main in-Study navigation bar and then select Participant Screening

Adding a Screening Question

On the page that appears you will see an Add Question button. You can make use of the following question field types: 

  • Poll
  • Plain Text
  • Formatted Text
  • Number
  • Date
  • Timestamp
  • Video

Once you select Add Question, you can use the filter text box that appears to search through the list of available screening questions and profile fields:

Screening Questions vs. Profile Fields

Screening questions are actually Panelist Profile Fields used to qualify and Segment people for participation in a particular Study. You can add an existing profile field from the site or create new ones. This means you can share screening questions across Studies and avoid re-asking people the same question twice, as all data will be stored centrally against their Panelist account.

The closed-ended Poll questions can:

  • Be single or multiple choice
  • Choices can be added individually or pasted in bulk
  • Display choices in a preset or a randomized order
  • Contain choices that trigger qualification or disqualification
  • Contain choices that trigger Segment assignment

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