Exporting Media Uploads

Recollective allows you to physically extract all participant-submitted photo, audio and video content. The dedicated Export Photos and Export Videos options are accessible via the Transcripts area of the Study Admin menu. 

ZIP files containing all the selected media content can be downloaded to get copies of the submitted media. The files will be organized into folders so you know whose photo, audio recording or video it is and where it came from in the context of your Study. The file name will also include an alphanumeric reference code with a hashtag.

You can input the reference code into the Study's Search option to be brought directly to that media submission in the platform:

Generating Your Photo or Video Archive

From the Export Photos and Export Videos menus, you are given a Date Range field that you can use to filter the range of included media. In most cases, you'll typically extract all of the associated photos, audio clips and / or videos from your Study using the All Time default. 

However, if you need to drill down on a specific month or response period, you may use custom or standardized date ranges. Clicking the Generate Archive button will immediately produce a series of downloadable ZIP files that will include the specified photo, audio and video content into neatly organized folders.

Activity, Task and Discussions Specific Media Exports

If you'd like to create photo, audio and video exports for specific Activities and Tasks or Discussions Topics, you can do this via the dedicated overviews from the Summary tab.

  1. Navigate directly to the Summary tab
  2. Using the content toggle in the top left corner, select a specific Activity, Task or Discussions Topic
  3. Choose the Photos or Videos summary and select the Export option that appears in the upper right corner above the media stream

This flow will produce a ZIP file that includes the associated media files for those Activities, Tasks and Discussion Topics as were displayed in the stream.

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