Discussions Transcript

The Discussions Transcript is accessible via the Transcripts area of the Study Admin menu. The transcript will provide you with all of the participant Discussion posts and replies for any Discussions Topic within the Study. Depending on the settings you choose, Recollective will produce a file or series of files that you can locally download directly to your device.

In addition to the ability to locally download and extract all available Topic reply and comment data, you'll have access to plenty of optional transcript settings and inclusions such as file output, participant identity format, and even included Segments.

Preparing Your Transcript

Transcripts can be customized for your given need and use case. These controls allow you to produce a transcript that contains all individuals and includes all Discussions posts or more focused ones that target specific Topics, participants or Segments. 

Date Range

This section allows you to determine the date range of the included Discussions data. In most cases, you'll typically extract all of the associated data from your Study using the  All Time default. However, if you need to drill down on a specific month or reply period, you have a custom as well as standardized date options.


This section allows you to determine which Discussions Topics will be included in your transcript. In most cases, you'll typically use the default setting of  Study and participant topics which will include all the Topic reply and comment data collected so far in your Study. 

However, if you need to drill down on a specific Topic or Topic type, you can select from the options in the drop down menu (i.e. Only study topics, Only participant topics or Select topics). You can also choose to Include closed topics in your produced transcript.


This area controls which participant replies and comments are actually included within your transcript. While most users will create a data export that includes All Participants Discussions data, you may find yourself downloading filtered data either by Select Participants or even Select Segments.

Optional Inclusions

You'll also be able to customize the amount of extra data that is included within your Discussions Transcript. There are three optional settings you can include within your transcript:

  1. Ratings: If you've enabled social ratings from the Study Settings: Configuration area, you'll be able to include any personal Likes and Dislikes on participant posts
  2. Excerpts: Any participant text that was saved as coded excerpts will be included in the transcript 
  3. Backroom: Includes any Admin-only facing backroom comments and Tasks

Participant Identities

This series of options will allow you to determine exactly what participant ID information you'd like to include in your transcript. This ranges from including the participant's Full name, to more limited options such as Username only or Unique ID only.

Participant privacy is an incredibly important aspect of the platform. For best practices, we highly recommend the use of extraction options that involve limiting the amount of personally identifiable information being downloaded in physical files. There are dedicated controls to Include participant photos and Include participant emails.


Recollective can produce your Discussions Transcript in three different formats:

1. Formatted document (HTML) 

This option produces a media embedded HTML transcript of the participant replies. It closely resembles a Word document format whereby Discussions and participant metadata is displayed in a vertically scrolling document. 

This output type is desirable for read-through documents and also allows you to customize the document further with the Simplify Transcript option.

You can always export the response data to an Excel or CSV file using the export options in the upper right hand corner. There's also a Print option if you'd like to use the transcript as a physical deliverable. If you'd like to save a version of your document, you can use the Print option to Save as PDF within your internet browser.

2. Formatted Spreadsheet (Excel) 

This option will produce an Excel workbook file for each Topic the transcript includes. The first row will act as a header row denoting the column field and the following rows will identify the individual participant with their replies. Embedded links to media such as participant submitted photos and videos are included as well. Clicking a link will take the user directly to the full sized versions of the content.

3. Text-only data export (CSV) 

The CSV option contains all of the participant Discussion posts in a single sheet. No media is embedded in this export format and it is a text-only output of the requested participant reply data. This format is best used when attempting to import the data into external data analysis tools.

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