Backroom Comments and Tasks

Backroom Comments and Backroom Tasks allow Study administrators to add notes or action requests tied to Task responses, Discussion replies, etc. They are never visible to participants, but will be fully visible to all Analysts and Moderators (that have access to the Study). Client accounts can also be given the ability to collaborate in the backroom in the Permissions area of Study Settings

Backroom Comments

Backroom Comments are like private notes administrators can add to any Task response, Discussion reply, comment or excerpt. We recommend using this feature to highlight areas of interest or to record thoughts about a response and have it displayed in context. 

Note you can use @mentions to trigger a notification to other administrators or to simply reference specific participants. Participants will not be notified of mentions within the backroom as they are hidden. Learn more about Mentions .

Backroom Tasks

Backroom Tasks are the same as comments, except they are intended to be actionable in nature and will be filtered into a To Do list. We recommend using this feature to leave trackable to-do items in-context for relevant Admins or to record a personal to-do list related to the Study (if you're the sole administrator). 

You can find the To Do list by clicking into the Study's Admin menu and selecting the Backroom option.
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