Tracking Content to Review

All contributions by participants are eligible for manual review and a list of these items can be located in the Admin menu as Pending Review. Note that participant contributions are visible even before they are reviewed. 

Reviewing Individual Responses, Replies and Comments

Each Task response, Topic reply and any resulting comments will be accompanied with a checkbox that allows you to mark it as reviewed like in the picture below:

When reviewing content from an Activity's response stream, a specific Discussion Topic or from the Summary tab to stay on top of what's been done, you may find it easiest to orient the stream based on Recent Responses and simply check the Click to mark reviewed checkboxes as you go.

Reviewing a Participant's Entire Activity Response

If you have a smaller community population size or are choosing to review things on a per participant basis, you'll likely be filtering on the desired person from the Summary area using the Participants filter or viewing their Task responses individually (i.e. View Response) and paginating through them one-by-one.

Since the desire is to immerse yourself in a participant's responses with this approach (so you can probe and acknowledge as necessary), you know you're seeing every Task response and likely don't want to be checking boxes on every page. You can instead make use of the ability to mark a participant's entire Activity response (i.e. all composite Task responses) as reviewed from the Activity's  Response Summary table as shown below:  

Marking an Entire Activity as Reviewed

For some, marking each Task or each participant's Activity response as reviewed can be time-consuming. Therefore, rather than marking each task as reviewed, you can mark all tasks within an activity as reviewed from the Activity’s Response Summary table: 

Items Pending Review (Admin Menu)

You can always reference the list of all items that can be or have been reviewed via the Study's Admin menu. From that menu, you can select the Pending Review option and review All, Pending (the default tab) and Reviewed items. You can also action the bulk Mark all as reviewed option from this area as shown below. 

This latter option is extremely useful when you know you've seen and reviewed everything in the community up to that point but just haven't been worrying about the individual checkboxes. Once actioned, the pending counter will reset allowing you to keep up with things as they come in.

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