Participation Report

The Participation Report is accessible via the Reports area of the Study Admin menu. The report will provide you with an overview of the number of actions that participants have completed within a Study. These action counts include Task completions, Live Group Chat participation, Discussion posts, comments, ratings and skipped Tasks (if applicable). 

This report allows you to quickly gauge participant engagement within a particular Study. The report is also helpful in that it can inform Study moderators which participants are highly engaged and which ones they should be reaching out to and chasing. 

For example, while all the participants may have completed the same number of Activities, some participants may have provided significantly more comments and / or ratings showing that they were much more engaged in the community.

Charts and Data Tables

Each of the participant actions can be included or excluded in the chart by clicking on them in the legend displayed below the chart. You can also filter the number of participants displayed in the resulting chart, change its orientation and export it in the desired file type. 

Beyond the graphic, you'll also have the raw table data detailing the participants, their relevant action totals and last action date. This table data which can be exported to CSV.

Preparing Your Report

Each report in Recollective can be customized based on a range of fields as seen below. These controls allow you to produce everything from overall reports that cover all individuals and include all aspects to more focused reports that target specific Study components or participants.

Date Range

This section allows you to determine the date range for your report. In most cases, you'll typically extract all of the associated data from your Study and would leave the default setting of All Time for this field. However, if you need to drill down on a specific month or period for your report, you have a custom as well as standardized date options.

Contribution Types

In most cases you will want to review a report containing both Activity and Discussion data. However, you have the ability to view a Participation Report containing just Activity contributions or Discussion contributions. If you've filtered on either Activities or Discussions, you cant then do a custom selection of which Activities and which Discussion Topics will be included.

Optional Inclusions

You're also able to customize which additional participatory actions are included in your report. There are three options you can include here:

  1. Comments: Includes the number of participant comments tied to Task responses
  2. Ratings: If you've enabled ratings in the Study Settings: Configuration area, you can include the number of Likes / Dislikes on participant responses and / or Topic posts
  3. Skipped Task: Includes the number of Tasks skipped by participants (due to Segmentation, destination logic or Tasks being optional)


This area controls which participants are actually included within your report. While most users will create a report that includes All Participants, you may find yourself downloading filtered data either by Select Participants or even Select Segments if required. 

Participant Identities

This series of options will allow you to determine exactly what participant ID information you'd like to include in your report. This ranges from including the participant's Full name, to more limited options such as Username only or Unique ID only

Participant privacy is an incredibly important aspect of the platform. For best practices, we highly recommend the use of extraction options that involve limiting the amount of personally identifiable information (PII) being downloaded in physical files.
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