Study Settings: Configuration

The Configuration section of Study Settings allows you to control elements of the Study visible to participants and Administrators.

Study Features: You can enable / disable, re-arrange or re-label the core components of your Recollective Study (i.e. Home, Activities, Discussions, Summary).

Primary Study Tab: This controls which tab / page participants and Admins will arrive on when entering the Study.

Activity Guidance: Participants will receive a banner notification that directs them to the next available action on the site. You can control whether it suggests them to start the next Activity or returns them to the Activities page altogether.

Discussions: These options allow you to control where Topics are announced and whether participants can start their own within the Discussions tab / area of your Study.

Ratings: This area controls the "Like" and "Dislike" rating capabilities within the various response and reply streams. 

Language: A site can enable one of many supported languages. A single language is set as the default language for the site but a study can override this default via the Default Language setting. If a desired language is missing from the dropdown list, enable it via the Site Administration area under Basic Settings.

Advanced Language Options: In addition to being able to run multiple languages and markets as separate Studies, Recollective has the capability to manage multiple languages within a single Study space with Multilingual Support. Due to the complex nature of this feature, please contact us in order to receive more details on how to enable and use it effectively.

Time Zone: When running projects that are in separate time zones to yourself and your site, you can use the Customize time zone control from this menu. Customizing a Study's time zone will automatically default the time zone for new Activity and Discussion Topics. 

If the default time zone is changed after study content has been added, the existing Activity and Discussion time zones will need to be adjusted manually.
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