Study Home Page

Every Study starts with a Home tab that is the default landing page for participants. Analysts and Moderators can choose to add content to the page such as messages, photos, videos and files.

Each item added to the page is contained in a "Card" and can be easily resized, re-styled and repositioned to create a totally custom display.

Adding Content

Visit the Home tab and press the Add Card button. A list of available card types will appear. Pick a card type and follow the instructions that come after.

There are currently seven card types available:

  • Message (any formatted text or embeds)
  • Photo (single photo or graphic like a logo)
  • Video (uploaded or webcam recorded video)
  • File (upload any file for download by participants)
  • Activities (display and guide participants through Activities)
  • Discussions (promote various Topics to maximize engagement)
  • People (highlight Study Admins, participants or showcase a leaderboard)

General Page Options

The title of the Home page can be edited by hovering over the text - use the pencil icon to relabel it and the dot to change its colors. The title can use dynamic fields such as the default message, Welcome {fname} which will then show the user's first name.

You can also select from the  Page Options menu to customize the page background. The page can be white, match the theme color, use the site background or be a custom background image.

To rename, reorder or entirely disable the Home page, visit the  Study Settings: Configuration area.

Publishing Your Home Page

A status message along the bottom of the page will provide you control to Publish the page when you've made at least one change or addition. Once published, you can work on a new update at any time without disrupting the published page. A new draft page will be created automatically and you'll be able to go back and forth between the live page and the draft page.

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