Managing Administrators

Admin is a type of account in Recollective. It makes reference to three distinct user roles: Analysts, Moderators and Clients. It does not include Panelists or participants.

In Recollective, you can create as many administrator accounts as you’d like. To create an Admin account, simply navigate to Site Administration, and select the Admins tab.

Adding Administrators

Select the New Administrator button and fill out the account fields shown. You must enter a name and email as well as define the admin's username and password.

Next, choose the desired role for the Admin:

  • Analyst: Full access to Site Administration and ALL Studies. These accounts can manage other administrators.
  • Moderator: Full control over ASSIGNED Studies. These accounts have no access to Site Administration.
  • Client: Limited control over ASSIGNED Studies. These accounts are restricted to a limited, read-only access by default but additional permissions can be set at the Study level.
When adding a Moderator or a Client account, you must Save the account before you can assign them to Studies. Once saved, a new Studies section will appear on the form at the bottom. If you neglect to assign a Study to a Moderator or Client, they will not be able to access any Study after they login.

You can also add and invite Admin accounts of the same role and to the same Study / Studies in bulk with the Invite Admins button. With this option you can either: 

  • Invite Existing Admins on the site to a single or multiple Study spaces
  • If it is the Admins first time accessing the site include their username and password using the dynamic values {username} and {password}

  • Add New Admins on the site (of the same role designation) and invite them to a single or multiple Study spaces

Filtering Administrators

Administrator accounts are grouped by role: Analyst, Moderator and Client. They can be filtered by name, ID, username, email and assigned Study.

Select Only deactivated admins to locate administrative accounts that are Inactive.

Various column headers can be selected to sort the list of administrators (e.g. date updated, last visit, etc.). 

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