Managing Administrators

Admin is a type of account in Recollective. It makes reference to three distinct user roles: Analysts, Moderators and Clients. It does not include Panelists or Participants.

  • Analyst: Full access to Site Administration and ALL Studies. These accounts can manage other administrators.
  • Moderator: Full control over ASSIGNED Studies. These accounts have no access to Site Administration.
  • Client: Limited control over ASSIGNED Studies. These accounts are restricted to a limited, read-only access by default but additional permissions can be set at the Study level.
Learn more information about Client role administrators. Note that Moderators are able to create and update segments and profile fields (screening questions). Segments and fields created by Moderators can be shared across all studies. Moderators also permitted to bulk import panelists which can add or update panelist accounts.

To create an Admin account or invite a new Admin, simply navigate to Site Administration, and select the Admins tab > Invite New Admins OR Add Admin.

Finding Administrators

Administrator accounts are grouped by role: Analyst, Moderator and Client. You can view a list of all Admins, or quickly navigate to a filtered list of any given role. 

Admins can be filtered further by name, ID, username, email and assigned Study and various column headers can be selected to sort the list of administrators (e.g. date updated, last visit, etc.). 

Select Only deactivated to locate administrative accounts that are Inactive.

Deactivated Administrators are blocked from logging in to your Recollective site. There may be instances where you would like to deactivate an Administrator, such as a colleague who is no longer with your organization. Deactivating an Administrator account can be achieved by navigating to Site Administration > Search Admins, select the drop-down arrow > Deactivate.

Site Level: Email Broadcast

As an Analyst, you may want to send an email broadcast to all administrators regardless of their role or the studies they are assigned to. This can be achieved using the site-level Email Broadcast

Sending an Email Broadcast to Administrators:

📍Go to Site Administration > Settings > Email Broadcast
  1. Toggle on Administrators as the Recipient(s)
  2. Select the Administrator accounts from the drop-down menu under the Account type(s) you would like to send a message to. (Analyst, Moderator, and/or Client)
  3. Compose your message
  4. Click Preview > Select Send Now or Send later
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