Site Settings: Email Broadcast

As an Analyst, you may want to send an Email Broadcast to a group of panelists or Administrators on your site who are not active in a given study. This can be achieved using the site level Email Broadcast feature. To send a new broadcast message, navigate to Site Administration > Settings > Email Broadcast

Message Recipients

You will be asked to select from 2 potential audiences for your broadcast message:

  1. Panelists
  2. Administrators

Once you select the audience group, various filtering options become available. 

Selecting Panelists will surface a Filter Panelists button. This button will redirect you to the Search Panelists area where you can apply any number of basic or advanced filters to choose the correct selection of your panel. When you are satisfied with your selection, click Send Email.

Please Note: Site-level email broadcasts to panelists must be based on a filter, not individual selections. If you select a checkbox in the panelist search results area, the "Send Email" button will no longer be available. If you must create a hand-picked selection of panelists, consider assigning them to a Basic Segment before filtering on that segment to send them an email. ID is a valid filter that can be used if a site level email broadcast must be sent to a single panelist. Alternatively, you can select individual participants in a study-level email broadcast.

Selecting the Administrators recipient option allows you to select the desired people from the respective Admin role drop downs (i.e. Analysts, Moderators and Clients).

Message Composition

After selecting receipts, customize the subject  line and body of the email message, or use a Message Template.

Using Dynamic Values

When composing emails to groups of individuals, you can still personalize the message by leveraging the available Dynamic Values. Using the dynamic value for First Name, you could start your message with "Hi {fname}" which would sub in the individuals' first name field from their account.

Writing messages that are for multiple people but are still individualized helps to foster community engagement and encourages completions by creating human touch points.

Automatic login button

By default, email broadcast messages will include an Enter button. This button will automatically log users into their account on the platform. For security, the automatic login capability will disable a certain amount of time after the message has been sent. The auto login duration of time can be customized up to a maximum of 24 hours from Site Administration > Settings > Email Notifications

After an auto-login link has expired, users will be sent an email verification code. Alternatively, they can input their email address or username and password to log in

Preview and Send

If you plan to send this same message again in the future, consider saving it as a Template. Once you are satisfied with your message, you can preview and send it. Choose between  Send Now (to send the message immediately) or Send Later (to schedule the delivery of the message for a later time/date).

Note: Message delivery is fast, but not instantaneous. If you are sending a message to a large number of recipients, there may be a delay of a few minutes before it reaches all users.
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