Message Templates

Message Templates save time and ensure consistency in communications. Quickly invite, welcome, remind, support, prompt, question, thank, warn, guide or prepare participants for their next activity. Once a Message Template has been created, it can be used again by any Analyst or Moderator to communicate with participants and other Admins.

Message Templates are simple to create, find, preview and use. Each template can have one or more of the following attributes:

  • Template Name (only visible to Admins)
  • Study Visibility 
  • Subject
  • Message
  • Login Button Label
  • Signature

Adding a Message Template

Message Templates can be created in variety of ways:

  1. Site Administration > Settings > Message Templates
  2. The Message Templates area can be found under the Utilities pane in Site Administration > Settings. From this area, Analysts can add new templates and manage existing ones.

    Note: Moderators do not have access to Site Administration. However, Moderators can create Message Templates within Studies they are assigned to.
  3. Email Broadcast > Save as Template
  4. Administrators also have the option to save an email message they’ve composed as a new template to ensure it can be reused in the future. This option is available for Email Broadcasts and Email Invitations composed at the Site and Study level.

  5. Use Template
  6. Message Templates can be created anywhere that the Use Template option is available. Click on Use Template > Add Template to create a new template.

Using Message Templates

Message Templates are not just for email broadcasts. Once templates have been created, they can be posted in a variety of areas:

Simply click Use Template and choose from the options available. You will be able to preview your message, comment, topic or reply before posting it.

Note: Some Message Template attributes, such as the Login Button text and Subject line, will not populate in areas that do not use the attributes (Discussions, Comments, etc.)
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