Asking Probing Questions

When participants respond to Activities and Discussions, it's often important to follow up with additional probing questions (e.g. Why do you feel that way?).

Note you can use @mentions to trigger a notification to maximize engagement. You can mention individuals, Segments or special groups like @everyone and @particpants. If you are posting a comment on a Task response, it is not necessary to mention the person that provided the response as they'll automatically be notified of the comment. Learn more about Mentions.

Recollective allows you to ask such follow-up questions via comments in context of the original response. Comments can be social (i.e. visible to everyone permitted to view the response or reply) or private (i.e. visible only to the specific respondent). You can also save questions as templates for faster and more consistent probing! 

Once you post a private comment to a participant they can also respond privately to you. You can effectively have a private sidebar conversation in an otherwise open area of the Study.

Adding a Comment

In either the Stream view, Task Response page, or from a Discussion Topic, click on the Comment or Add Comment option provided. A comment box will appear for you to leave your desired question and choose how visible it will be.

If you notice a typo or other issue with your comment, you will have about 30 seconds to Undo the comment before a notification is delivered to participants. You can still edit and delete comments after the undo grace period.

Using a Template

Message Templates can be used to save time and ensure consistency when asking probing questions. Once a Message Template has been created, it can be used again by any Analyst or Moderator to communicate with participants. Simply click Use Template and choose from the options available, or, add a new template for future use. You will be able to preview and edit your comment before posting it.

Note: Message Template that will be used for email communications can have additional attributes such as a header image, Login Button text and Subject line. These areas will not populate when a template is used to comment on a participant's response.

Indicating a Reply is Required

If you would like the participant to be continually reminded about an important question on a Task response comment, you can select the Awaiting Reply option. This action will cause the comment notification to appear at the top of all other notices. The notice will be identified as new / unread until the participant responds with a follow-up comment themselves.

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