Rejecting, Editing and Deleting Responses

There may be occasions when you're moderating a Study that you need to either delete, edit or reject a Task response. These features are only available from the View Response level (i.e. the dedicated response page). 

Response Options

Once in the detailed response view, click on the Response Options menu and choose the feature you need:

  • Reject Task Response: The response will return to a Draft state and the participant will be notified that they need to redo their response. You can add an explanation for the participant to let them know why you're re-opening the Task in question (e.g. if they misunderstood the exercise and you are requesting them to redo their response). 
  • Edit Task Response: The administrator can directly edit the participant's response. For example, if a participant has included inappropriate or sensitive information, you can edit that part of the response without needing to reject the remaining portions.
  • Delete Task Response: The response will simply be deleted along with any associated comments, backroom comments, excerpts and points. The participant will be returned to a state of incompletion for the Task and Activity.

If you Edit or Delete a response that has saved excerpts marked against it, those excerpts and any backroom comments associated to them will also be deleted and cannot be restored. A warning message appears before this is done to avoid mistakes.

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