Tip: Clearing Admin Test Responses

If you've been previewing your programmed configurations, you'll have resulting test responses. Test responses are great for getting a sense of how the response data will be visualized within the platform as well as the participant experience in terms of performing the Tasks and exercises.

Test responses will only be visible to other Study administrators - never participants. The responses will appear in the Activity and Summary stream with a gold ring around the profile photo and name of the Admin who actioned the preview.

Clearing Individual Task Responses

Just like other Task responses, you can click into a specific one using the View Response option on the response or reply itself. Once you're on the intended response page, you'll use the Response Options menu that appears in the upper right corner and choose the Delete Task Response option

Clearing Entire Activity Responses

Within the relevant Activities themselves, you'll also see an entry in the Response Summary table (when on the Participants tab) highlighted in yellow. From this table you can easily clear all the Task responses your preview has generated for that Activity using the Delete Response option as shown below:

Clearing All Responses

The easiest way to bulk remove all your test responses is to simply action another Preview Mode session. A pop-up window will appear asking whether you would like to remove the previous Activity responses. If your previous preview included assigning Segments, you'll also be presented the option to remove these as well. 

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