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When using Recollective as an Analyst, you have the option to view your Study in a participant, Moderator or Client role. Typically this option is used to test your configuration and setup, or to troubleshoot an issue. 

To view your Study as any of these roles, simply click into the Study Admin menu and select the first option - Preview Mode

By default, you will immediately view your Study as a participant. If you would like to change this role, click on the word Participant and select from the other options.

If you would like to see everything set up in your Study at once (ignoring the dates), make sure to select the Ignore schedule and forced sequence checkbox. You will now see your entire Study no matter which dates were assigned to an Activity or Discussion Topic.
You can choose to view the Study as a Participant in specific Segments which is useful for testing Segment-based logic and visibility permissions.

If you ever want to assume the role of a specific participant, you can use the Support Login feature.
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