Preview Mode

Preview Mode allows Administrators to test configuration and setup of Site Pages and Studies by displaying these different spaces from the perspective of a Participant, Moderator, or Client role. Preview Mode can be enabled both at the Study Level and the Site Level.

While in Preview Mode, a yellow bar will appear across the top of the page. You can toggle between Participant view and any relevant Administrator views. You can even activate Segment assignments to further refine the view. 

Study Level Preview Mode

Enabling Preview Mode at the Study Level allows an Administrator to view the study space from the perspective of a Participant or relevant Administrator roles (Client or Moderator). This can be leveraged for a variety of purposes. Where a Study contains Activities or Tasks with limited visibility using Segments (i.e. different pathways or branching), these can be tested using Preview Mode. Likewise, Preview Mode can be enabled to test Client Permissions

To view your Study as any of these roles, simply click into the Study Admin menu and select the first option. 

Analysts also enable Preview Mode by clicking on the profile icon in the top-right corner of a page and selecting Preview Mode. 

A yellow bar will appear above your Study tabs indicating that Preview Mode is active. By default, you will immediately view your Study as a participant. If you would like to change this role, click on the word Participant and select from the other options. 

If you would like to preview the upcoming Activities in your Study (ignoring the Start dates), make sure to select the Ignore schedule checkbox.

You can choose to view the Study as a Participant in specific Segments which is useful for testing Segment-based logic and visibility permissions.

Site Level Preview Mode

Preview Mode can also be enabled while viewing a Site Page; however, this ability is limited to Analyst level accounts. Preview Mode can be leveraged at the Site Level to review visibility settings within and across Pages to aid in managing the delivery of content and customizing the experience of Participants, Moderators, and Clients. 

To enter Preview Mode from a Site Page, click the profile icon in the top-right corner of a page and select Preview Mode. 

As with Preview Mode at the Study-Level, a yellow bar will appear at the top of the page indicating that Preview Mode is active. The viewpoint can be toggled from Participant to Moderator or Client as needed, and the Participant view can be further specified by defining Segment membership. 

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