Study Settings: Permissions

By default, Client accounts have very limited permissions within a Study. They begin as observers but more permissions can be granted.

In the event that your Client requires additional capabilities (such as joining the backroom of a live activity, being able to communicate directly with participants or run Reports), you can add the desired options from the Permissions menu within Study Settings. Simply select the desired permissions and press Save.

Enabling each client permission has the following effects:

  • Collaborate in backroom: Allows clients to view and post backroom comments and tasks, as well as participate in the backroom of any live video meetings
  • Interact with participants: Allows clients to leave comments on participant responses and interact with them directly. This also allows clients to join the front room of Live Video Group Chats
  • View private messages: Allows clients to access the private messages sent between participants and administrators
  • View verbatim excerpts: Allows clients to view excerpts made in context
  • Save verbatim excerpts: Allows clients to make and code their own excerpts in the platform
  • Manage code book: Allows clients to edit, add, and remove codes
  • View action logs: Gives clients permission to access the participant action log
  • View points and leaderboard: Allows clients to see participant point accumulation and ranking
  • Run reports: Allows clients to access the Participation Report, Activities Report, Quick Summary Report, and Video Usage Report
  • Generate transcripts and exports: Allows clients to export data

Tip: If you would like to allow Clients to join the backroom of any Live Activities, the Collaborate in backroom permission must be enabled.

Be aware that permissions granted will apply to all Client role accounts that have been assigned to the particular Study. Permissions are uniquely configured in each Study.

It's important to note that transcripts and exports may contain participants profile field information. You should only provide your Clients with permission to generate transcripts and exports if you are okay with them having access to this information.

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