Recollective AI: Summaries for Multimedia Transcripts

Recollective AI must be enabled in Site Administration > Site Settings to use this feature. 

Our new AI-powered summarization feature enables Analysts and Moderators to identify trends, preferences, and challenges among participants swiftly. Utilizing generative AI technology, this feature analyzes media transcripts to provide concise, meaningful summaries.

Our AI Summarization feature is currently available for Video, Audio, and Screen Recording responses within Multimedia Tasks. The transcripts and AI summaries can be viewed by navigating to an individual participant’s response. 

With Recollective AI enabled, all new Video, Audio, and Screen Recording task transcripts will be summarized automatically, generating a single-paragraph summary for each response item. When a Multimedia task response is updated, the updated response item will get transcribed and automatically summarized as well.

For past responses without a summary, or summaries that have been discarded, Analysts and Moderators can trigger the summarization by clicking on the + Summary button. 

Tip: We recommend filling out the Study Objectives in your Study Settings to gain more meaningful outputs relevant to your research goals. 

Note: Recollective AI is not visible to Client role users at this time.

Additional Features

Below are some additional features Analysts and Moderators have at their disposal when generating summaries and key takeaways for Multimedia tasks:

  • Expand / Collapse: AI-generated summaries are collapsible so they can be tucked out of the way when not in use.
  • Discard: A summary can be discarded which removes it from the list of generated summaries. Once a summary is discarded, it can be generated again by clicking the + Summary chip.
  • Copy: AI summaries can be exported by simply selecting Copy and then pasting into an external document or email.
  • Feedback: Have any thoughts you’d like to share about the quality and precision of your AI-generated output? Give the summary a thumbs up or a thumbs down to provide your feedback on how we can improve summarization. 
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