Recollective AI: Summaries & Key Takeaways for Live Activities Transcripts

Recollective AI must be enabled in Site Administration > Site Settings to use this feature. 

Our new AI-powered summarization feature enables Analysts and Moderators to identify trends, preferences, and challenges among participants swiftly.

Utilizing generative AI technology, this feature analyzes meeting transcripts, providing concise, bullet-point key takeaways and meaningful summaries for the Live Group Chat and Live Video Interview activities. Recollective will automatically generate both types of summaries for new meetings that occur. Admins can initiate the summary for any past meeting by clicking on the Summary type. 

Tip: We recommend filling out the Study Objectives in your Study Settings to gain more meaningful outputs relevant to your research goals. 

Note: Analysts and Moderators will now see a new “Recollective AI” widget above meeting transcripts. Recollective AI is not visible to Client role users at this time. 

Meeting Summary

As a market researcher, analyzing hours of recorded live video interviews and focus groups can be a daunting task. With our new AI-powered summarization feature, you can quickly identify trends, commonalities, preferences, and challenges among your participants.

The generative AI technology behind this feature analyzes your recorded meetings and generates concise and meaningful summaries, allowing you and your team to expedite the insight detection and decision-making process.

The Meeting Summary asks AI to create a general summary of the meeting in paragraph form. Meeting transcripts will typically require at least 3-5 minutes of conversation in order to produce a summary. However, this is also dependent on factors such as discussion pace, topic complexity and participant count.

Key Takeaways

The Meeting Summary asks AI to extract what it believes are Key Takeaways or insights in bullet form. The number of bullets will vary based on the meeting duration but typically averages between 3 -12 bullets. These Key Takeaways provide you with an overview of what was discussed during the meeting.

Similarly to the Meeting Summary, a minimum amount of text is needed in the transcript to produce key takeaways.


Additional Features

Below are some additional features Analysts and Moderators have at their disposal when generating Meeting Summaries and Key Takeaways for Live Activities:

  • Expand / Collapse: AI-generated summaries and key takeaways are collapsible so they can be tucked out of the way when not in use.
  • Discard: A summary can be discarded which removes it from the list of generated summaries. Once a summary is discarded, it can be generated again by clicking the + Summary chip.
  • Copy: AI summaries can be exported by simply selecting Copy and then pasting into an external document or email.
  • Feedback: Have any thoughts you’d like to share about the quality and precision of your AI-generated output? Give the summary a thumbs up or a thumbs down to provide your feedback on how we can improve summarization. 
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