Study Settings: Study Objectives

Recollective AI must be enabled in Site Administration > Site Settings to use this feature. 

The Study Objectives section of the Study Settings allows Administrators to outline the goals of a study by providing additional information on the Study Objectives, Research Area, and Target Industry. By incorporating this data into current and future AI prompts, it will be able to identify patterns, themes, and sentiments relevant to the study's objectives, resulting in more meaningful outputs from Recollective AI. 

Analysts will be prompted to fill out the Study Objectives upon adding a new study or copying an existing study. 

The Study Objectives modal contains the following fields:

  • Research Area: This dropdown menu requires you to indicate how you intend to use Recollective to gather insights. This is a mandatory field.
  • Target Industry: This dropdown requires you to indicate the specific group of participants or businesses that the study aims at targeting, collecting, and analyzing data about. This is a mandatory field.
  • Study Objectives: This is an optional text field, where you can outline the specific goals of the study and what insights you aim to gain from your research.

After the study has been added or copied by an Analyst, Moderators can provide any additional information or modify the Study Objectives from the Study Admin menu. The objectives are not visible to Clients or Participants.

Note: If the Study Objectives are edited, study moderators must regenerate any pre-existing AI summaries to reflect the update. 

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