Live Video Interview Activity Setup: Basic Settings, Notifications, Client Observers, Points and Prepared Content

Live Video Interviews allow you to schedule one on one video interviews with your participants. The Activity has been designed to maximize the number of completed meetings while minimizing the administrative burden.

This article will cover Basic Settings and other general options for Live Video Interviews. For Scheduling and Calendar setup, please continue to the relevant article for your desired setup:

Basic Settings

Every Activity must have a name. Note that Activity names will be revealed to participants in email notifications, even if the Activities are sequenced and the participant has not completed the prerequisite ones. For this reason, Live Video Interview Activity names should not include product/brand names that are meant to be blind throughout the study. 

As part of the Live Video Interview setup, you must select who the Meeting Host(s) will be, as well as a window of dates for the interviews to occur. 

  • Time Zone: Controls the time zone that meetings will be booked in. Participants and Admins calendars will always appear in their own time zone regardless of the Activity time zone (e.g. If the meeting times are set to 9-5 EST, and the admins/participants time zone is CDT, it will appear as 10-6 CDT). 
  • Meeting Hosts: This drop down menu is used to select the desired Hosts for the Activity. You can select as many Analysts or Moderators to be Hosts as you would like, and additional Hosts can be configured after the Activity has started if necessary.
  • Interviews Start: Indicates the first day that interviews can be scheduled.
  • Interviews End: Indicates the last day that interviews can be scheduled. This can be extended at any time if you need to add additional days.

You can further customize the date and time availability within this window using the Calendar settings.

Scheduling, Calendar, Limits and Notifications

When scheduling Live Video Interviews, you will have the option to have Participants schedule all meetings or Administrators schedule all meetings. When Participants are scheduling their meetings, they can enter the activity ahead of the Start date and then choose an interview time from a list of available time slots. When Administrators schedule all meetings, Participant's meeting time will be scheduled by an Analyst or Moderator.

You can further customize the Scheduling, Calendar, Limits and Notifications for each meeting. Note that these settings will vary based on the selected schedule option. Please click on the relevant link below for more information.

Other Options

Point Customization

If you have chosen to enable the point tracking feature for your Study, you will see a Points tab on the Activity Setup page with the option to Customize points awarded for activity completion. This is an opportunity to depart from the default point allocation for a Live Group Chat Activity as configured in Study Settings: Points

Prepared Content Items

Once the setup stage is done and saved, you can begin to build out any Prepared Content you know you'll need for your Live Video Interviews. Navigate to the Prepared Items tab and select the Add Item button at the bottom of the page to add new items.

Client Observers

In order for clients to join the backroom of a Live Video Interview, you will need to make sure that the  Collaborate in Backroom permission is enabled within Study Administration > Study Settings > Permissions. Once this permission is enabled, clients will have the option to join a meeting and will be automatically placed into the backroom. You can have up to 25 observers in the backroom.

Notifications: Hosts and Participants

Finally, within the Activity's setup > Notifications tab, you can choose what notifications are sent to Hosts and Participants, and whether or not Clients should be notified of new meetings. Notification options will vary based on whether Admins or Participants are scheduling meetings. 

You can customize the following Notifications: 
  • Meeting scheduled
  • Meeting starting soon
Customizing these notifications is a great way to let Participants and any Administrators you've selected know what to expect in their upcoming meetings.

Notifications: Administrators and Clients

Select the names of any Administrators from the drop-down list to ensure they receive a copy of the meeting notifications sent to hosts and participants.

Note: Clients and Moderators will only appear in the list if they have been given access to the Study.

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