Time Zones for Live Video Interview Activities

An important element of scheduling Live Video Interviews with participants is ensuring that the time zone is correct for all parties. This is particularly important in cases where participants and meeting hosts are spread across multiple time zones. There are two different time zone views to be aware of when setting up a Live Video Interview activity in Recollective:

  • The Activity time zone
  • The Calendar time zone 

The Activity Time Zone

Like other activity types in Recollective, Live Video Interviews are set up in a single time zone. This time zone applies to:
  • The Send Invitations date
  • The Interviews Start and Interviews End dates
  • The Meeting Times

In the example above, invitations are set to be sent on June 11th, 2020 at 6:00AM, Eastern Daylight Time, therefore:
  • Participants located in Seattle, US (Pacific Daylight Time), would receive this invitation at 3:00AM in their local time zone
  • Participants located in London, UK (British Summer Time), would receive this invitation at 11:00AM local time.
Meeting times are available weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern Daylight Time, therefore:
  • Participants located in Honolulu, US (Hawaii Standard Time), would have available meeting times from 3:00AM to 11:00AM Monday to Friday.
  • Participants in Tokyo, Japan (Japan Standard Time), would have available meeting times starting at 10:00PM Monday to 6:00AM Tuesday, all the way until 10:00PM Friday to 6:00AM Saturday. 
Like standard activities, Live Video Interview activity time zones will be set to the study time zone by default. You can change your activity’s time zone by clicking on the time zone bar at the top. This will bring up a modal where you can choose the country and time zone you would like your activity to be in:

The Calendar Time Zone

Once your activity is set up and saved, the next page you’ll see is a calendar page, where you can see all of your meeting time slots. This page also has a time zone bar

This bar tells you the time zone in which you are viewing the calendar. This time zone defaults to whatever your account time zone is set to. So, if you’re in Eastern Daylight Time, you’ll see the calendar view in Eastern Daylight time by default. A participant in Pacific Daylight time will see the calendar in Pacific Daylight Time:

You can change your calendar view time zone exactly the same way you change the activity time zone, by clicking on the time zone bar and selecting a new one:

Changing the time zone on the calendar view will not change the time zone of the activity—it will only change the times on the calendar as you see them
Read more about time zones in Recollective.
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