Scheduling Live Video Interviews


Hosts can choose to start unavailable and designate desirable meetings times, or start available and remove undesirable times. Participants will only be permitted to select meeting times where at least one Host is available. 
Available meeting times will appear as light blue within the calendar, while Unavailable meetings times will appear white (admins will see unavailable meeting times as white with a line through them).

You can change the availability of a time slot by clicking on it and selecting/deselecting the available hosts, or by holding down the shift key while selecting the time slot.  You can also use the Host filters at the top of the page before using the keyboard shortcut to change the availability for specific admins:

Admins are also able to indicate undesirable meetings times where meetings cannot be scheduled by cascading availability settings across additional days or time slots:
  • An undesirable time of day in the calendar can be easily removed for all upcoming days (e.g. defining a lunch break for all hosts)

An undesirable week day can also be removed for all upcoming weeks (e.g. remove all Fridays for one or more of the Hosts).

Finally, it's important to note that Hosts cannot be double booked, even if there is a separate Live Video Interview Activity within a separate study. If a Host has a meeting scheduled, participants will not be able to schedule a second meeting with them at the same time.


By configuring the schedule beforehand, participants are able to schedule/reschedule meetings without the involvement of the study administrators if permitted to do so (the scheduled host is automatically notified). 
It's important to note that both Admins and participants will see all dates and times in their own respective time zone.
Admins can schedule a meeting with a specific participant by clicking on the appropriate time slot and selecting Schedule Meeting.

A modal will appear that will allow them to verify the meeting date and time, as well as select a host and participant from the available drop-down menus:

The participant will be notified of the scheduled meeting immediately. Admins will see their next scheduled meeting above the calendar, but can also view all upcoming meetings by selecting the Agenda view from the drop-down menu above the calendar.
Admins are also able to view all meetings within the calendar. Scheduled meetings will appear in blue, completed meetings will appear in green, and missed meetings (whether missed by a participant or a moderator) will appear in yellow:

  • Clicking on a scheduled meeting will allow you to:
    • Add to Calendar: You can add scheduled meetings to any of the following calendars:
      • Google Calendar
      • Yahoo Calendar
      • Outlook
      • iCal (ICS)
    • Edit Meeting: You can ask the participant to select a new meeting time, change the meeting time or host, or cancel the meeting and do not reschedule.
    • Schedule Meeting: If additional hosts are available, additional meetings can be scheduled at the same time.
    • Update the Availability of hosts for the scheduled time.
  • Clicking on a missed meeting will allow you to reschedule that meeting.
  • Clicking on a completed meeting will allow you to view the recording.
If a Host needs to reschedule a meeting, they can ask the participant to select another time, or select a specific date and time themselves. Alternatively, they can pass a scheduled meeting to another host to ensure the participant-selected time can be respected.
The scheduling process is similar for participants, however they just need to click on the time slot and confirm the date and time:

Once the participant has scheduled their meeting, they will receive an email notification asking them to confirm the time. This email contains an iCal attachment, allowing participants to add the meeting directly into their calendar. Once the meeting is scheduled, participants will no longer see the calendar and will instead see an overview of their scheduled meeting. From here, they have a few options:

  1. Reschedule: Participants can reschedule their meeting time if needed by selecting 'Reschedule'. The calendar will appear below their meeting overview and they can select a new time or keep their current scheduled time.
  2. Add to Calendar: Participants can add their scheduled meeting to any of the following calendars using the available drop-down menu:
    1. Google Calendar
    2. Yahoo Calendar
    3. Live Calendar
    4. iCal (ICS)

When they make a selection it will open a new calendar item in whichever calendar they selected. 

It's important to note that external calendar items will not reschedule automatically if a meeting is rescheduled within the platform, and the participant will then have 2 items within their calendar.
  1. System Check: Participants are able to test their camera, microphone and browser connection and performance prior to the meeting to make sure that everything is functioning properly. Hosts are able to conduct a System Check before a meeting as well.
  2. Join Meeting: This option will be greyed out and will only become available to the participant 15 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to begin. If they join early the host will be notified that the participant has already joined.


The Live Video Interview Activity will generate the following notifications for participants:
  • Invitation to schedule a meeting: Participants will be sent an email notification asking them to schedule a meeting. This invitation will be sent out based on the 'Send Invitations' date selected on the Activity setup page. This notification can be customized on the Activity setup page.
  • Reminder to schedule a meeting: Participants will be receive an email notification reminding them to schedule a meeting if they have not done so already.
  • Meeting Scheduled: As soon as a meeting is scheduled, participants will be sent an email notification asking them to confirm it. This notification can be customized on the Activity setup page.
  • Meeting starting soon: Participants will be sent a reminder 10 minutes before a scheduled meeting. 
  • Meeting Missed: If participants miss a scheduled meeting, they will receive a notification informing them that they missed it and prompting them to reschedule.
  • Meeting Rescheduled: Participants will receive this notification whenever their meeting is rescheduled (regardless of whether an admin rescheduled the meeting, or they rescheduled the meeting themselves).
  • Meeting Cancelled: Participants will be notified if their scheduled meeting is cancelled by an admin.
And the following notifications for Hosts:
  • Meeting Scheduled: As soon as a meeting is scheduled, Hosts will be sent an email notification informing them to update their calendar or reschedule the meeting.
  • Meeting starting soon: Hosts will be sent a reminder 15 minutes before a meeting starts. If the participant joins the meeting early then the host will be sent an additional reminder.
  • Meeting Rescheduled: Hosts will be notified if a participant reschedules a meeting with them.

Finally, you can choose whether or not Clients or other Admins should be notified of new meetings. Select the names of any Administrators from the drop down list to ensure they receive a copy of the meeting notifications sent to hosts and participants.

Clients and Moderators will only appear in the list if they have been given access to the Study.

Special Considerations

There may be instances where the participant or host are no longer able to attend a scheduled meeting. These special cases are detailed below:
  • If a host cannot attend a meeting in time, another Analyst or Moderator in the backroom can take over the meeting for them.
  • If a host must leave a live meeting, or wishes to have a co-host, they can pass control of the meeting to another Analyst or Moderator currently in the Backroom (only a single admin can host the meeting at any given time).
  • If a meeting is cut short for any reason, hosts can ask participants to meet again in the context of the same activity. Hosts can ask them to pick another time or set one for them. Multiple meetings for a participant will be grouped in the response table.
  • If a meeting is missed (either the Host or Participant does not show up), the participant will automatically be asked to book another meeting time.
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