Manually Scheduling Live Video Interviews

While the scheduling feature for Live Video Interview Activities is great for when you would like participants to schedule their own meetings, sometimes you may want to take care of the scheduling externally, whether yourself or through a recruiter. 

This article will walkthrough how to configure a Live Video Interview Activity so that Analysts and Moderators will be able to schedule meetings for participants, as opposed to having participants schedule their meetings themselves. To achieve this, you will need to configure:

Calendar Settings

There are a few things to consider when configuring the Activity calendar for Manual Scheduling:

  • Time Slots (Meeting Duration and Meeting Buffer)
  • Host Availability

Since you will be scheduling meetings for the participants, you don't need to worry too much about having strict time slots for them to choose from. Instead, you can setup the Activity with flexible time slots so that you can schedule meetings whenever needed. The best way to do this is to set your Meeting Duration to 15 minutes, and your Meeting Buffer to 0 minutes

This will give you the flexibility to book meetings at any 15 minute interval and will allow you to schedule immediate meetings (since you can join a meeting up to 15 minutes early, you are able to schedule a meeting for the next available 15 minute time slot and then join the meeting immediately). However, there are a couple of important things to consider with this setup:

  • The meeting will appear as only 15 minutes long to participants. While you can exceed this duration as needed, you'll want to make sure to customize your Meeting scheduled and Meeting starting soon notifications so that it is clear to participants how long their meeting will actually last.
  • Hosts will be able to book back to back meetings in the calendar and can potentially double-book themselves. Admins will need to be mindful of this when scheduling meetings to make sure that Hosts don't get double booked.

Now that your time slots are set up, you will need to configure your Host Availability. You'll need to select Start Unavailable to ensure that there are no time slots available for participants to book meetings from. 

Admins will still be able to book meetings for unavailable time slots as needed, this just prevents participants from scheduling their own meeting.


Notification settings for the Activity are available by selecting the Notifications tab at the top of the page, or by selecting More Options at the bottom of the page:

You will need to disable the Invitation to schedule a meeting, Reminder to schedule a meeting and Meeting missed notifications. Since participants won't be scheduling their own meetings, you won't want to invite them to schedule a meeting or remind them to do so. You can do this by simply disabling the toggles next to each of these notifications:

You may also want to customize the Meeting scheduled and Meeting starting soon notifications to clarify how long the meeting will actually be if you plan on exceeding the set duration. This can be done by selecting Customize next to each notification:

This will open a model that will allow you to include custom verbiage within the notification:

Now that you have setup the Activity, you'll just need to schedule your meetings! You can review our Scheduling Live Video Interviews article for more information on how to schedule your meetings with participants!

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