Backroom Audio Channels

Recollective supports dedicated audio-channels for administrators in the backroom of live video Activities (Live Video Interviews & Live Group Chat with Video), as well as a dedicated audio-channel for simultaneous translators.

In order for observers and translators to join the backroom of live meetings, the Collaborate in backroom permission must be enabled from the Study Admin > Study Settings > Permissions menu.

Backroom Observers

An observer can join a live meeting once they have been invited as a Client-role administrator. Each observer must have their own unique account to log in. For more information on inviting Admins, click here.

By default, any administrator with access to the Study (Analyst, Moderator, or Client) can join the backroom of live video meetings. Access can be limited to specific Client-role admins from the Activity Setup page. 

When joining a meeting, Clients will be asked to identify themselves as Backroom observers and select their spoken language:


Translators can also be added as Client-role administrators

When joining a meeting, Translators can identify themselves as such and select the language they will be translating into:

To optimize the quality of the audio, Translators should always wear headphones. This will help reduce noise feedback to their microphone, resulting in more clear audio.

Each meeting can support multiple concurrent translators and each translator’s audio is recorded separately from the front and back rooms.

  • Once the meeting has been completed, the video of the meeting is combined with each translator’s audio and offered as a separate download. 
  • All translator audio is also transcribed. The transcribed text of a translator is made available as a time-coded subtitle file (VTT format). The translation is not shown in the transcript initially but can be enabled if one wishes to review the transcription as text.

Audio Priority

During a live meeting, the Audio control allows attendees choose which audio channel(s) they to listen to. All channels start enabled and can be muted by disabling the toggle switch. Clicking on Adjust Volume allows each attendee to configure custom volume per channel

Starting the Backroom Audio

In Live Group Chats, the backroom audio channel will start as soon as a backroom observer enters the meeting.

In Live Video Interviews, the backroom audio channel will start when both the Host and Participant join the meeting. If observers wish to collaborate in the backroom audio channel before the participant joins, the Host has the option to start the meeting early. The option to start early will be visible to the Host at all times while waiting for the participant to join.

Starting the meeting early will consume Live Video Minutes. Once the meeting has been started, the participant will be able to enter at any time.

Disabling Backroom Audio

If you do not wish to allow observers access to a backroom audio channel, this feature can be disabled during the Activity setup:

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