Inviting Administrators

From the Admins area, you can invite new Admins to join your site, assign and invite existing Admins to join new studies, and add Admins manually.

To invite New Admins:

  • Go to Site Administration > Admins > Invite New Admins
  • Select the Role (Analyst, Moderator, or Client)
  • Assign the Studies the new Admin(s) should have access to
  • Enter the Admins Email Address(es)
  • Click Invite

This triggers an email invitation with a login button. Each Admin will create their account and login credentials upon accepting the invite.

Note: You have the option to customize the email subject line and message.

To invite Admins who have been added manually, reinvite existing Admins who haven’t logged in yet, or to assign and invite  Existing Admins to new Studies:

  • Go to Site Administration > Admins > Invite to Studies
  • Select the Admins
  • Assign them to additional Study spaces (optional)
  • Click Invite
Note: You also have the option to customize the email subject line and message. If it is the Admins first time accessing the site include their username and password using the dynamic values {username} and {password}

Adding Administrators Manually

Go to Site Administration > Admins > Add Admin and fill out the form.

  • You must enter a name and email as well as define the Admin's username and password
  • Choose the Role
  • Click Save
When adding a Moderator or a Client account, you must Save the account before you can assign them to Studies. Once saved, a new Studies section will appear on the form at the bottom. If you neglect to assign a Study to a Moderator or Client, they will not be able to access any Study after they login.

After you have added an Admin account manually, you can either invite them as an Existing Admin, or send them their login credentials via an external communication.

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