Troubleshoot: Helping a Participant or Admin Who Cannot Login

Logging in to Recollective is as quick and simple as logging in to any other website. All users, whether they are Administrators or Participants, can login using their email address or username, and their password. 

Note: Participant Access must be active on your site for Participants to be able to log in.

If a Participant or Administrator on your Recollective site reaches out to you because they are unable to log in, here are some quick tips on how you can assist them. 

1. Verify that the individual has an active account

Locate the person by searching for their email address in either the Panelists: All Panelists or Admins section of the Site Administration area. If you cannot locate an account with that email address, search for the person's first or last name. 

You can also check if they had an account that has been deactivated. Deactivated users are not able to log into the platform. To search for deactivated accounts, enabled the 'Only deactivated panelists' toggle on the All Panelists page, or the 'Only deactivated admins' toggle on the Admins page. You can refer to Removing & Deactivating Participants and Panelists article for more information on how to find and reactivate a deactivated user. 

2. Confirm the email address associated with the account is the email address they are attempting to login with

If the person has contacted you from an email address that does not match the one associated with their account, it is possible that they are also trying to log in with that incorrect email. An Analyst on the site can update their email address, or, have them login with their username instead.

3. Reset the individuals password

Account holders on your Recollective site have the option to reset their own password by clicking on the 'Forgot my password' link on the login page. We recommend asking people to reset their own passwords as it allows them to keep it a secret and they're more likely to set a passphrase that they can remember.

Note: If you have elected to not include email addresses for your participants, they will not be able to use this option to reset their passwords since, without an email address associated with their account, they are not able to receive a password reset link. In this circumstance, please refer to the password reset method below.

Alternatively, you can reset their password for them:

To change someone's password on their behalf, you'll need to have an Analyst account. Locate the person in either the Panelists: All Panelists or Admins section of the Site Administration area and edit their account. Enter a new password on the form, confirm it, and then save. Then, you can send them the following steps to login:

Go to: {your Recollective site URL}
Enter your email address/username     
Enter password: {temporary password you assigned them}

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