Updating an Email Address

It's critical that every user in the site have a valid email address. Without it, important notices will be lost and overall participant engagement will drop.

Fixing an Invalid Email

If Recollective cannot deliver emails to your address, it will be marked as rejected. You must change your email to restore email delivery. Learn more about invalid and bounced email handling in Recollective.

Updating Your Own Email

To update your own personal email address, head over to your Account Settings page. Simply replace the current email with another one. Please double check to ensure there are no typos in the address.

Updating Someone Else's Email

To update someone else's email address, you'll need to be an Analyst. Locate the user either in the Panelists: All Panelists or Admins section of the Site Administration area. From there, you can edit their account and make any required changes.

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