How to Login and Logout

Everyone, with the exception of Panelists that joined a Study anonymously, can login multiple times and on multiple devices to start a new session on a Recollective site. When a person is done for the day, most will simply close their browser, but others may wish to end their session by performing a logout.


Logging into a site is done by entering either your email address or your username and then your password. If you cannot login, you only need to know your email address to reset your password.

If an Identity Provider is enabled in Account Settings, the option to login automatically via Google, Facebook, and/or Okta will be available. 

A Remember Me option will also appear if it is permitted in Account Settings, which signals to Recollective that the current browser can be trusted in the future.

We do not recommend using the Remember Me option on public computers. If you already did so, make sure you manually logout to prevent the automatic login from working again on that computer.

Email invitations and reminders sent from the platform will also include buttons that can be used to automatically login to the site: 

  • Invitations include an Accept invitation button

  • Reminders include an Enter button

Automatic login links from email reminders are active for 24 hours by default, but this time can be decreased if necessary from the Email Notifications page within Site Administration.

If the auto-login link has expired, a verification code will be issued to your email address:

If preferred, you can click on Other login options to enter your email/username and password instead of entering the verification code. 


You do not need to logout when you're done working in a Recollective site as your session will expire automatically.

If you wish to manually logout, simply click your profile photo in the top-right of any page and then press the Logout option. If you had selected Remember Me on login, you will still have to login next time.

Automatic Logout (Session Expiry)

After a period of inactivity in the web browser, participants and administrators will be automatically logged out and returned to the login page. This is done for security reasons.

The duration of a session can be configured by Analysts in the Site Administration area, under Site Setup: Account Settings.

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