Site Settings: Email Settings

In the Site Administration area, under Settings, you will find an Email Settings sub-section. It will allow you to configure important settings that impact all outbound emails from the site.

Automatic Login

Email broadcasts sent from the Site or from within a Study contain a button that can perform an automatic login to simplify re-entry to the site.

When automatic login links are enabled, you can configure the number of hours that the automatic login will function (it is limited to 24 hours to maximize security). When secondary identity verification is enabled, after an auto-login link has expired, panelists will be sent an email verification code for access without a password. Panelists can by-pass secondary identity verification by inputting their email address or username and password.

Email Address

Email broadcasts and automated notifications from Recollective have a sending email address. It is the FROM portion of the messages received by end users. The default sending address is but this address can be customized (formerly as of March 6th, 2024). 

Sending email on behalf of another domain requires that Recollective be granted permission to send email with that domain. Learn more about Email Sender Authentication.

Notification Frequency

Notifications from the application (i.e. those seen under the bell icon) are also delivered by email to ensure they are seen. This section defines a default email notification frequency which can then be modified by each Panelist on their personal Account Settings page. 

Use this section to control the following:

  • Set the default frequency of email notifications for new Panelists
  • Reset the notification preferences for all Panelists to the current default
  • Select notification frequency options to hide from Panelists

Emailed notices can be delivered instantly (one email per notice) or as digest emails (multiple notices per email sent hourly, daily or weekly). 

When the frequency is set to Daily, you are able to define up to 4 times in a day for the delivery (e.g. 6AM, noon, 6PM and 9PM). 

Email notifications can be disabled (as a default) by selecting None, but we do not recommend this if you wish to maximize participant engagement.

If you have existing Panelists, you may wish to select Reset settings for panelists to the defaults above to reset everyone to the current default. Be sure to click the Apply Settings button to have the reset actioned.

Email Footer

Many countries have privacy legislation that require commercial emails to include the Physical Address of the sender. Recollective provides an opportunity to define a physical address. Once it is defined, the address will be included in the footer of all outgoing email messages. You can provide as much information as you like.

Email read tracking is enabled by default. This means that you will be able to determine whether a participant or admin has read a given email notification. If you would like this disabled for privacy reasons, please contact us.
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